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Ynchausti & Company, CPA, Inc.
Certified Public Accountant
We take a proactive approach to tax services. Our experts stay current on
changing tax laws and legislation so you don’t have to. We'll identify key tax-
planning opportunities that can minimize your current and future tax liabilities
and help you put these plans in action throughout the year.

  • Income tax return preparation for individuals, partnerships,
    corporations, and LLC

  • Forms 990 and 199 - Annual Reports for non-profit and exempt

  • Represent clients with the IRS and provide audit consulting and

  • Sales tax consulting and Board of Equalization (BOE) audit

  • Tax planning, research and consulting for individuals and domestic
    and foreign business entities.

The accuracy of your income tax return depends heavily on the experience and
commitment of your tax preparer to provide you with the highest level of quality
for tax services.  The client interview and inquiry process is the most critical
step to guarantee accuracy of your tax return, and must be performed by a
professional and should not be delegated to a trainee.    Enrique E. Ynchausti,
CPA personally conducts the interview process of clients to identify tax events
that need to be considered on your income tax return.  He will perform this
process together with the examination of all supporting tax documents you
have to ensure compliance with Internal Revenue Service and state tax